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Here's How You Start Generating FLOOD of NEW Viral Traffic..

Day 1 — Copy & Paste to Earn Easy Email Profits


Today I’ll show you a simple strategy to get visitors and start making sales by emailing a shared list of subscribers.


The strategy involves using instant email marketing services such asList Bonus. List Bonus and others like it allow you to sign up and send your ad out to their list…

For example, with List Bonus, you can sign up free and instantly send your ad to 1,500 other list bonus members.

So in a nutshell, this gives you an instant list of 1,500 real people to communicate with and advertise to…

Keep in mind, this kind of list is not as effective as the results you’ll get from your own list because it is a shared list that’s also being used by other List Bonus members.

Nevertheless, this type of list can still be a very effective tool to make sales. I have personally received hundreds of visitors using List Bonus and other services that work in a very similar way. Pay close attention and I’ll show you how.

Please note: Even though you definitely can setup a free List Bonus account and email 1,500 people today, this is NOT the best way to use List Bonus or any service like it. Tons of people are signing up for List Bonus every day and they also have the same ability which means YOU will startreceiving a bunch of emails from other List Bonus members and this can be extremely overwhelming and distracting. The best way and the only way I use services like List Bonus is as a fully upgraded member myself which allows me to email many more people than free members, and most importantly – NOT receive any distracting andtime-consuming emails myself from List Bonus members.

My advice is either to plan on getting a fully upgraded account with List Bonus or don’t sign up at all because if you are a free member, you’ll receive too many emails.

Here’s the steps I use to profit from List Bonus:

First, as a List Bonus member, I login to my account here.

Once inside my account, I see a page that looks like this:


Then I click on the “Send message Now!” link.

On the next page, I see a message at the top that says I can now send out my message:


As an upgraded List Bonus member, I can send out any message I want to 8,500 List Bonus members every 2 days.

Simple, isn’t it?:)

Therefore, at the end of each month, I’ve delivered this ad to the inbox of List Bonus users a total of 45,000 times…


This is how to generate MORE TRAFFIC with the same effort using List Bonus:

Whatever your offer is, let me advice you to use Viral Traffic Dominator links instead of your regular links.

Whether it's your website, blog post, capture page or affiliate link - it's so much more profitable for you to convert your links into Viral Traffic Dominator links.


Because every time your link gets clicked - you're earning free extra advertising! This is how Viral Traffic Dominator works.

Let's do the math;)

Let's say you are an upgraded member of List Bonus and you can send out your message to 8,500 members.
Approximately about 150-200 people will click your link. So you have 150-200 exposures of your offer.

When you're using Viral Traffic Dominator link, you're also earning 1500-2000 Ad Credits which allow your ads to be shown 150-200 times in our network. Here's the expected results:

150-200 Visitors per email - using your normal link

300-400 Visitors per email - using Viral Traffic Dominator link


The beauty of that is you do exactly the same work and you double your TRAFFIC and FREE Advertising. It's so easy and takes about 5 min a day.

Simply use List Bonus to promote anything you want and convert your links into Viral Traffic Dominator links so you can DOUBLE your TRAFFIC with the same effort.

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